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Add New Product Through Vendor Dashboard

Are you needing to add a new product to your vendor store? This guide will walk you through the steps for creating your products by utilizing the vendor dashboard.


Step 1 - Go to Vendor Dashboard on the menu bar.

Step 2 - Click the Products tab on your  Vendor Dashboard sidebar menu.

Step 3 - Click the Add new product button in the upper right corner of the screen.

Once you click the Add new product button a pop-up window will appear. This will allow you to enter images, product title, price, categories and tags, as well as a product description.

1. Product Featured Image - Click the Upload a product cover image to open the media library. Navigate to the location your image is stored and select it to upload.

2. Product Title - Enter the Title/Name of your product.

3. Product Price - Enter the sales price of your product.

4. Discounted Price (optional) - If you wanted to set a discounted price for certain dates, you can enter the price and scheduled dates with this field.

5. Photo Gallery (optional) - If you have additional photos you want to add for your product you can add them in this block.

6. Product Category - While not mandatory please ensure you add a category. This will help products become queryable and allow your product to be found with filters. Currently you cannot add your own category. Please contact me to add any additional categories you need.

7. Product Tags - Product tags will help others find like items. There is not a limit on product tags.

8. Product Description - Add as much detail as possible about your product. If there are any flaws, special shipping restrictions, etc they should be added in the description.

Step 4 - Click the Create product to finish adding your product and listing it on the shop page.

NOTE!!!! Keep in mind once your product is created you can add more details by following the Edit Product window.


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